Get Prepared for Your 30-Minute Consultation​

Follow these steps to get ready for your 30-minute consultation.

The more prepared you are, the less time it will take to understand your needs and to help you resolve your issue. This could result in saving you $$.

  • Bring all documents. Make copies of all the documents you have collected regarding your case. Give these copies to the lawyer.
  • Get organized and take notes! Write down notes outlining your legal problem, or any questions you may have. The lawyer you are referred to must have your details in order to decide what is important and how to move forward in your best interests.
  • Ask questions. In order for your LAL to serve you better, you must understand your case. It is more cost effective to ask several questions at once. If you call your lawyer every single time you have a question, you may be charged for each call.
  • Read all documents carefully. Make sure you understand all of the information before you sign a document.
  • Bring your ID, Drivers License
  • Bring some form of payment. If you are serious about your case, be ready to pay a retainer.
  • Parking is free 2hrs at 216 So. Beverly Dr. OR you can Park in the Bank of America Building for a fee.
  • We Only charge a $50.00 for consultation